Jing De Zhen Kiln Blue Bird and Flower Pattern Porcelain Vase in Ming Dynasty (0769)


The Vase was produced during the reign of Jingtai in Ming Dynasty in the Jingdezhen kilns. It stands at a height of 33 centimeters, with a mouth diameter of 50 centimeters and a base diameter of 35 centimeters. The vase has a straight, round lip and an unglazed flat bottom, with a thick and pristine white porcelain body. Delicate blue and white patterns are painted with the blue pigment. The mouth rim is adorned with a wave pattern, while the abdomen depicts a tranquil lotus pond with rolling hills in the background. In the foreground, a pond is inhabited by lotus flowers, elegantly floating on its surface. A pair of ducks gracefully swim, while majestic cranes stand tall, gazing over the water. Amidst the blooming flowers, clouds gracefully float, creating a captivating and exquisite composition.