The “Elegant Scroll of Dai Jing Tang” in the handwritting calligraphy of Emperor Kangxi


The “Elegant Scroll of Dai Jing Tang,” housed in the Binzhou City Museum, measures 7.5 meters in length and 0.75 meters in width, adorned with a luxurious golden silk brocade border. The calligraphy showcases a refined and graceful style, harmoniously combining elegance and nobility. On the upper middle portion, there is a red seal script that reads, “A Treasure of Emperor Kangxi’s Calligraphy.” The “Elegant Scroll of Dai Jing Tang” is a paper plaque presented by Emperor Kangxi in the 39th year of his reign (1700), bestowed upon his devoted servant Wang Shizhen. Acquired by the local cultural workers of Huimin District (now Binzhou) in 1979, it was later identified as a nationally recognized Grade III cultural relic by a group of provincial experts in 1984.